Zeytinyagli Kuru Dolma – Stuffed Sun Dried Vegetables In Olive Oil

I’m quite happy today, because I just received a job offer, one that is related to my profession. I already have loads of other work stuff to do, but I am very much inclined to quit everything else and accept this one.

Anywayz, other than the good news, the “Eid” has passed already and we of course visited my parents and in-laws in Gallipoli and Corlu. On the eve of the Eid I made a cake with damson plums and stuffed sun dried vegetables in olive oil. I took them to Gallipoli with me hoping to be the star of the family gathering🙂. I don’t know if I succeeded but everybody seemed quite satisfied with both the dolma and the plum cake.

I had bought the sun dried vegetables from Kahramanmaras last month. I also took pictures of the home-prepared ones that my cousin was in the process of drying. She hung those carved vegetables on her balcony on a clean thread and everyday around noon time she covered the vegies with a huge clean cloth to avoid any discoloration from the direct sunlight for around 2 weeks until they dry out completely.